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After 17 years of being on the road and traveling almost 1 million miles to build our brands....we have changed our business model. My winter project was to build an Online Shop to support our Boutique Customers.


The Online Shop can support you in 2 ways:

1. In Stock - ex Hats are in stock - inventory is tracked for replenishing...for example we have another Crocheted Hat shipment arriving in 10 days.


2. Pre.Orders for next season: BTS=Back to School is coming soon! Our Fall and Holiday Collections are online. Donna designed the collections for both Frumpy Rumps and Young Colors to coordinate in Color Stories. - we can take orders for the 7/1 to 8/15 delivery window through the end of April. This gives us time to make the fabrics....


An account has been created for you at the shop {{ shop.name }}. Please log on each time to get the wholesale pricing.


Please visit this url to activate your account and set your password.

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Since the website is a new platform we would love your feedback! We are offering free freight on orders placed by the end of this month (April 30th).

Happy Shopping!

Rob & Donna Prescott


owners, designers and shopkeepers