Ancient Arts Made Modern

Young Colors clothing and accessories for children are available in more than 2300 stores in 47 states (Alaska this year). This spirited, innovative brand has gained tremendous popularity since its beginning in 1998. The company, started by husband and wife team Robert and Donna Prescott, has the vision of bringing fun products created using indigenous art processes to the children's industry. Playful colors and hand-designed motifs have an important role in Young Colors products. The clothing also helps kids expand their understanding of the world around them and of how and where things come from. For example, the line's batik clothing has hangtags with kid-friendly graphics showing how the ancient art process of hand-made fabrics is developed into modern designs and styles for today. See what else Young Colors has created for kids who want to experience more of what the world has to offer!

From Colorful Colorado...where the powder is Epic!
The Young Colors Crew